Mitsubishi brings "game changing" technology to Mill Valley (SF) Schools

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What was revolutionary technology just a year or two ago can become passé, but with a tweak here and there and a few more options, a proven technology can take on a new life as the latest and greatest – it can even become a game changer.

For Mill Valley School District just outside of San Francisco, a new take on old technology is proving to bring students and teachers into the cutting-edge world of the latest high tech.

The district now embraces BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, the latest classroom trend, using Mitsubishi Electric’s WD380U-EST extreme short throw projectors. In our ever-connected world, students and teachers bring their tablets and smart phones to class, use them to access the Internet, show files and photos, and share information projected to the front of the classroom.

“Teachers can be in the back of the classroom, monitoring students, keeping track of lessons, moving around the room…this freedom puts the power of interactivity in the hands of the students,” said Chris Coffelt, director of technology at Mill Valley. 

With a simple plug-and-play connection, the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST projector is directly connected to Apple TV®, a digital media receiver developed and sold by Apple Inc., designed to play digital content like lessons, music, movies and video clips. When its content is displayed through the Mitsubishi WD380U-EST in the classroom, students and teachers can connect to the projector wirelessly and display whatever is on their iPads®, computers or Smart Phones, quickly and easily. 

“Our new Mitsubishi projectors have a number of features that makes teaching easier,” added Coffelt. “The big, clear image keeps attention focused on the lesson, the speakers can be used while the projector is in stand-by mode, which is especially important in the lower grades that use a lot of music, and of course, they make BYOD a reality for our school district. These projectors are truly a game changer for Mill Valley.”

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