A+ Mobile Solutions introduces two new products

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A+ Mobile Solutions, (A+ Mobile) a leading provider of Turn-Key mobile teaching solutions and tools, will treat NSTA visitors to a demonstration of its innovative Mobile STEM lab and Intelligent Laptop Cart, resources that help redefine the teaching and learning experience through interactive functionality., including the company’s state-of-the art A+ Mobile Stem Labs

The A+ Mobile Stem Labs are a cost-effective platform designed to help educators ease the transition to technology based STEM Learning. The Mobile STEM Lab is a turnkey solution designed with tools for efficiently implementing hands on, technology based, STEM activities in the classroom including a wide array of STEM tools, activities and teaching materials. With over 400 hands-on experiments, utilizing data loggers and probes, physics workstation and ramp systems, digital circuit and alternative energy kits and a host of tools for Web based content. The Mobile STEM Lab engages students in STEM-based learning activities with solutions tailored for Elementary, Middle or High School grade levels. A+ Mobile Solutions Labs are configured with the State-of-the-art Presentation, Student Learning and Data Management tools found in the most high tech Labs without the time and cost of construction.

The Intelligent Laptop Cart acts as a “Teacher’s Command Center” for mobile computer devices such as laptops, netbooks and tablets. This fully integrated learning platform is not just a place for mobile computer devices to be stored and charged; it is rather, a complete interactive teaching platform including management of the mobile computer devices and presentation tools including audio/video integration, document printing, scanning, digital and wireless presentation. The management features also allow teachers to monitor and control student activity on the mobile computer devices with screen blanking/locking, teacher screen broadcasting, video and audio streaming, student demonstration, file transfer, distribution and collaboration and web access.

About A+ Mobile Solutions:

A+ Mobile Solutions was established in 2002, as a division of A+ Technology Solutions. The idea was to create a mobile cart that could be moved from room to room and was a fraction of the cost of renovating an entire classroom and dedicating it to science. To date, there are nearly 400 mobile labs integrated in the New York City school system.

The A+ Mobile STEM labs, including the award winning A+ Mobile Science Lab, are cost effective sets of tools designed to integrate science, technology, engineering and math into the U.S education system. The lab provides hands-on, inquiry based learning solutions that will prepare the workforce of tomorrow for the high tech careers of the today. The purpose is to provide educational communities with a cost effective STEM learning solution that improves teaching efficiencies while engaging students with hands on technology. For more information, visit www.aplusmobilesolutions.com.