Modesto (Calif.) Schools Reorganization Includes Special Education

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The key change in Modesto (Calif.) City Schools' administrative reorganization involves folding special education programs into the educational services division.

Virginia "Ginger" John-son, now head of special education, will become the top administrator. She will have three managers reporting to her who oversee special education, alternative and vocational education, and attendance and child welfare.

Four other directors will work directly with schools — two with the district's 22 elementaries, one strictly with the high schools. The fourth will focus primarily on junior highs.

"That's where we're losing a lot of kids," said Trustee Steve Grenbeaux before voting with a 6-1 majority to approve the administrative plan. Trustee Cathy Hallinan dissented, saying she could not support raises for any employees affected by the changes.

The administrative shuffle means higher pay in several spots:

• An assistant director post in human resources changes to director, a gain of $7,670, or 6 percent.

• Three managers within the technology department get raises of about $5,000, or roughly 5 percent. An installation position returns. One job shrinks by about $8,500. 


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