With Money and Help Pouring In, Buffalo Schools Must Show Results

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So here’s a question: How long will the Good Samaritans of public education want to continue devoting time, money and passion – none of which is inexhaustible – before concluding that their efforts would be better directed to any of the hundreds of other school districts that are failing their students? Someone else can always use the help.

The level of resources available to the district is almost overwhelming, and it begins with a solid increase in aid to education in the just-passed state budget. Buffalo’s take will be an additional $15.65 million, or about 3 percent. How useful that will be to students is debatable, given that New York already spends more per pupil than any other state and still shows poor results. Still, it’s better than a loss in funding.

But that’s not even the best of it. It seems you can hardly take a breath anymore without a private organization with a track record of success offering substantial help to Buffalo. The most recent offer came on Wednesday, when the Hillside Work-Scholarship program announced plans to ramp up its efforts to serve at-risk students in Buffalo.

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