Money does matter in child's education

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, January 23, 2014

Money does matter, especially when your state receives one of the sixth-lowest grades on spending for public schools. Keeping company with Oklahoma in bargain-basement per-pupil funding were Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah and Idaho. All received a D or lower. That's a entire letter grade below the C that represents the national average.

Here's the difference: National per-pupil spending average, $11,864; Oklahoma, $9,075. So how does that translate into the classroom? Not well. Oklahoma ranked 43rd in the country for chance for success and 41st in kindergarten-through-12th-grade achievement.

Education resources that cost money — including class-size reduction or higher teacher salaries — are linked positively with student outcomes. Things costing money benefit students, and there's little convincing evidence to suggest there are more cost-effective alternatives.

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