Monroe Mich. Teachers Putting iPads to Use

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chessi Oetjens loves used her iPad in the classroom. It cuts down on paperwork. She can access her school computer from anywhere. The third grade teacher at Arborwood South also loves how the device excites her students.

Soon, teachers in Monroe Public Schools will have district-issued iPads to use for everything from grades to accessing their desktop computers.
Mrs. Oetjens, who has taught in the district for 10 years, said the device has helped her cut down on paperwork, carting around a binder filled with forms and invited her students to engage during 'share time.'
'This is a great way to replace all of the notes I've been hauling,' she said.
Earlier this month, the Monroe Public Schools Board of Education voted to purchase 80 iPads for the instructional staff. The measure was the first in a series of moves to put iPads into the hands of all 325 members of the instructional staff by the end of the school year.
Mrs. Oetjens, who is pursuing a masters degree in technology at Michigan State University, has been using the iPad in the classroom since September. Mrs. Oetjens said not only has the device made it easier to collect data regarding student progress, but it helps her focus on the students.

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