More Changes Possible with South Dakota Education Bill

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The latest attempt at changing the K-12 education system in South Dakota passed through the House a week ago, but the state Senate may still offer some changes to the proposal that would enact merit pay and eliminate teacher tenure.


HB1234 was read in the state Senate on Tuesday and referred to the Education Committee, and Rep. Patricia Stricherz, R-Dist. 8, reported hearing that senators could make some changes to the education bill.

Stricherz, a House Education Committee member, had voted to pass the education bill out of committee so that representatives could debate the proposal on the chamber floor. Stricherz later voted against HB1234 during a chamber vote, saying that she thought the legislation was a move in the wrong direction for K-12 education.

"I don't see where the students will benefit," Stricherz said. "I'd rather vote for a proposal that provides strong support for education and allows for the independent success of our students."

According to Stricherz, her opinion of HB1234 was partly formed after speaking to local school superintendents and teachers and reading e-mails from educators.

"The entire aspect of it, they were uncomfortable with the provisions of the bill, and because they were uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable," Stricherz said.

K-12 educators had assured her that provisions were already in place to remove unproductive teachers from school faculties.

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