Most Wisc. Education Unions Pass Recertification

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The majority of bargaining units representing teachers across Wisconsin voted to recertify last week, even in light of extensive limits to their bargaining abilities due to legislation approved by Gov. Scott Walker last spring.

Around 85 percent of school district unions who sought recertification this year succeeded in an election by school district employees that concluded Thursday.

There were 213 school district unions that sought re-certification in this year’s school district union elections. Of those, 182 unions succeeded and 31 unions failed in their attempts to be re-certified, according to a statement from the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. The statement also said the employers and petitioners have up to eight days to challenge the results.

The state elections happened earlier this year, and the municipal elections will be in January, when it will be decided whether or not to re-certify. The school district union elections that took place from Nov. 18 to Dec. 8 include unions that represent teachers, aides, bus drivers, custodial staff and substitutes, among others.

The budget repair law passed early this year by Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature curtailed the collective bargaining rights for public employee unions in Wisconsin.

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