National Tutoring Company Varsity Tutors Announces Employment Opportunity

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It appears that more and more teachers are rapidly losing work in the aftermath of the national economic crash. Although school districts may not be open to taking in some of these laid-off educators, one tutoring company is.

Premier Los Angeles tutoring service Varsity Tutors is planning to expand its tutoring team and contract approximately 65 out-of-work teachers within the next six months. After kicking off in 2007, Varsity Tutors quickly grew to become a market leader with over 1,600 tutors and 60 employees, running its operations in 14 major metropolitan areas across the country including Los Angeles.

The company offers tutoring for a wide range of academic subjects from elementary to graduate school levels, as well as test prep for standardized assessments such as the ACT, GMAT, MCAT, and much more. Currently, the company is finding most of its clients' demand in the Calculus, Chemistry, and SAT prep areas.

Chuck Cohn, founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors, feels that this high number of openings for tutoring positions is a great opportunity for many of the out-of-work Los Angeles teachers to get back to work in the education field.

"Once we started hearing about so many school districts that were letting teachers go, we knew we had meaningful part-time roles we could offer them," Cohn says. "We knew we had the opportunity to match these teachers to numerous students in need of tutoring. Thus far, the teachers have been terrific tutors."

Cohn adds that part-time tutoring positions with companies like Varsity Tutors are becoming much more attractive options for laid-off educators in this time of economic downturn and distress. As Los Angeles is one of the company's big markets, Varsity Tutors is faced with a pressing need to find and take in more tutors to meet rising client demand, including SAT tutors.

This increase in demand is due to a number of factors, including the increase in number of people attending graduate school as well as the increase in selectivity of undergraduate admissions. As these trends progress, an understandably higher number of students are turning to tutoring services for help to improve academic grades and prepare for standardized tests. Ultimately, this has created a critical need for additional tutoring staff.

Varsity Tutors implements strict requirements for its tutors, accepting only those who can prove they are both academically brilliant in their respective fields and well-spoken students. The company has turned away applicants with perfect test scores who were not able to truly connect with students.

"We hold some of the industry's highest standards for tutors, both academically and personality-wise," says Cohn. "Having academic expertise is one thing, and being able to communicate well is another. Possessing vast amounts of knowledge is useless if you can't successfully get your message across."

People from a wide variety of educational fields and backgrounds make up the Varsity Tutors tutoring staff. Tutors have the freedom to specialize in whichever area they prefer as long as they can prove they are experts in it.

All individuals interested in becoming a Los Angeles Varsity Tutor should complete the company's tutoring job application.

About Varsity Tutors:
Varsity Tutors is a national tutoring company with origins in the entrepreneurship program of Washington University in St. Louis, one of the top such programs in the country. CEO Chuck Cohn launched the company while an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis and then later bootstrapped the company while working as a venture capitalist at Ascension Health Ventures.