NC School Board Supports 25 More Charter Schools

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Friday, September 7, 2012

North Carolina's school board is clearing 25 new charter schools to gear up for opening next year, the biggest jump since a statewide limit on charter schools was removed last year.

The State Board of Education voted Thursday to authorize the schools to open in August 2013. Eight new ones were approved earlier this year and opened for the new academic year, bringing the statewide total to 107.

State school board chairman Bill Harrison offered the only comments before the vote, complimenting the hours of work by a screening committee of outside volunteers in cutting down the 63 groups that applied to open and operate charter schools starting next year. The state's education department and outside advisers also reviewed which groups were financially and organizationally prepared to operate with taxpayer money.

Charters are public schools run by nonprofits and allowed to operate with fewer of the regulations facing traditional schools. Until state law was changed last year, they were limited to 100 statewide since the first was established in the mid-1990s.

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