N.C. Schools Pursue Science, Technology Learning Through Robotics

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shelby Intermediate School (N.C.) students gather around the tiny robot.They eagerly tinker with its exterior, making tiny adjustments to the robot’s frame.

When they are satisfied with their changes, they carefully cradle the robot and place it on an outlined course.

The robot moves, and the once-chattering students are quiet with anticipation.

The students are part of the CyberKids Robotics program, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting STEM — an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math — learning. The program is part of a movement taking place in schools throughout the country to encourage STEM curricula.

“Everything that we do now, just about, is based on some form of technology,” said Dr. Martha Hill, Cleveland County Schools assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

Educating students in technology-related fields now could mean it’s easier for them to find better-paying jobs after graduation.

A Georgetown University Center on Education and the Work Force study released in October found that a majority of people with bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field earn more than people with master’s degrees in a non-STEM field. Similarly, 47 percent of people holding a STEM-related bachelor’s degree earned more than someone with a doctorate degree in a non-STEM field.

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