N.D. District Sees Rise of Autism

Monday, April 9, 2012

Anthony Kuznia was just like any nine-year-old. He was a little unsure of strangers, introducing himself and disclosing his age to a reporter only at the prompting of his grandmother, Janet Luettjohann.

When asked, he said he enjoyed working on the trampolines at Red River Gymnastics in Grand Forks and swimming at the Ramada Inn, where he, his sisters and grandmother had checked in on Thursday to use the pool.

But Anthony soon grew bored. He turned to the concrete fountain in the hotel lobby, walked around it and tapping his fingers repeatedly along its side. At a rack of colorful brochures featuring homes for sale, he chose a few to study and take home.

Luettjohann said Anthony is fascinated by houses. Riding in a car with her, he will note the number of stories on each house they pass. When they look at houses for sale online, he remembers exactly which house has what features. He could spend hours in a furniture store.

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