Nearly Half of Americans Think Tablets Will Replace Computers

Courtney Williams's picture
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Electronic tablets could become the device of choice for the American technology crowd.

In a national scientific telephone survey Poll Position, a non-partisan news, market research, and social media company, found that 46% of those polled said that tablets will eventually take the place of laptop computers, 35% said tablets will not take the place of laptop computers and 19% did not have an opinion.

A majority of Americans between the ages of 30 and 64 chose electronic tablets over laptop computers. In the 30-44 age group, 53% picked electronic tablets to replace computers versus 37% who said tablets will not replace personal computers.

Among the 45-64 age group, 52% said electronic tablets will eventually take the place of personal computers versus 30% who said personal computers will not be replaced by iPad-type tablets.

Oddly, younger Americans in the 18-29 age group do not think tablets will replace personal computers. Forty-nine percent said tablets will not replace the personal computer, 37% said the tablets will take the place of laptops and 15% did not offer an opinion.


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