Nebraska Department of Education Releases State of Schools Report

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A report on Nebraska public schools and student performance was released Wednesday during a news conference in Lincoln.

The State of the Schools Report highlights the performance of groups of students on state reading, mathematics and writing tests as well as science. The Nebraska State Accountability test results for all students were released earlier.

Parents received reports on the progress of their children earlier from their school district.

This report includes performance for groups of students, including race and ethnicity, poverty, special education and English Language Learners by district and school building, as well as a new Cohort Four-Year Graduation Rate.

Overall, 73 percent of the students tested in grades 3-8 and 11 met or exceeded state reading standards, an improvement over last year when 69 percent were proficient. The first mathematics test results showed that 63 percent were proficient.

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