Nebraska Schools in the Forefront of the Exercise Movement

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Midway through the afternoon on a recent school day, Torey Dudley led her kindergarten class out into a hallway at Norris Elementary.

Little arms flexed as Dudley led the youngsters through a set of pushups against the wall.

A few more exercises, including a yoga pose to focus and shoulder rolls to loosen up, and they filed back into the classroom, ready to hit the books.

Called Ten at Two, the short, structured breaks are among the simple, low-cost strategies the Norris School District has been working into its daily routine the past half-dozen years to add physical activity to the school day.

Norris isn't alone. But the way it has integrated the strategies throughout the district have put it at the head of the class in Nebraska and nationwide. In fact, the 2,000-student district south of Lincoln has even caught the eye of the White House.

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