The Need for Character Education

Marion Herbert's picture
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In today’s world of public education, a child’s academic success and future prospects for happiness are determined by two narrow measures: their math and reading scores.

Schools have been placed on state oversight lists and even shuttered for not showing improvement in these two areas.

As a result of this focus, our public schools have narrowed curriculum and directed their limited resources to support the singular goal of achieving higher scores. 

Art, physical education, music, foreign language, home economics, shop classes, etc., have been severely cut back or eliminated entirely at cash-strapped inner city schools to provide time for double doses of math and reading instruction.

Now while I believe that it is critical to have a literate and mathematically knowledgeable population, I do not think that these are the only skills that define an educated person.

Now more than ever, I think that we must take a serious look at the type of people that we want our young generation to be. In other words, how do we develop the content of their character?