Nessy Learning LLC launches Nessy Reading

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nessy Learning, the Florida based educational software developer will from October 1st of this year start rolling out its award winning programs to schools and home teachers throughout the USA. The highly acclaimed online suite of assessment and reading materials for K-5 children can now be accessed through the website

Michael Jones the Founder of Nessy is a living testament to the products effectiveness. Having failed significantly during his early school years, his mom began home schooling him with a program of educational strategies founded upon Orton-Gillingham principles. As a dyslexic child, Michael really struggled with learning to read, however he benefitted enormously from a specialist, tailor-made approach that was able to overcome his early learning difficulties. The success of this approach not only resulted in Michael’s return to mainstream education, but also inspired him to qualify as a teacher and create a suite of learning programs that went on to transform the lives of so many young struggling readers like himself.

Today Nessy, the online company he founded in 1999, has become one of the most successful of its kind - providing specialist education materials for children like Mike. There are now over 10,000 schools worldwide using Nessy software programs to un-lock the often-confusing impenetrable code of the written word. Most recently Michael and his specialist team of program developers have created an entirely new suite of tailor-made programs specifically for the USA’s educational market.

Nessy Learning is now launching a new and dynamic range of multi-media resources that combines film, interactive games and printable materials into one highly structured but simple to use learning format (Nessy Reading). This fresh, highly visual approach steers away from traditional educational learning and creates a wide variety of strategies, games and animations that are quick, fun, and rewarding. This highly successful approach builds up both the confidence and self-esteem of struggling readers to the point where they actually re-discover ‘a love of learning’. Right from the start Nessy programs press the right buttons for children of all abilities. Preliminary tests from pilot studies in New York produced a 20 point gain in just 10 weeks that instantly convinced experienced Professional Development Agents ‘Techknow Associates’ to immediately ‘sign-up’ and become the exclusive PD partners delivering all Nessy training for a national roll out this Fall.

If you would like to see how the full range of Nessy educational programs could transform the lives of struggling and emerging readers then simply visit our website and take the FREE 30 day trial - we know the children will just love it!