New Broward Schools Chief Calls for More Education Money, Pension Reforms

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Broward's new school superintendent, Robert Runcie, spoke to more than 100 of the county's movers and shakers Tuesday night, telling them that he hopes to take the School District "from good to great."

Runcie was the featured, though brief, at a Broward Days event, the organization that gathers people from the business, legal and political worlds to present a united front in Tallahassee on behalf of Broward interests.

Runcie said he was glad to "be part of a school district that will become the national model for high quality education in the country."

He said there's plenty to brag about already, such as "consistently get[ting] an ‘A' rating from the state."

But there's much to be done. "We have no illusions. Make no mistake, the journey's going to be challenging and it's going to require some serious political will and commitment so we can make this a great school district."

That translates into money.

"We've got to stop giving lip service to education and show that our priority is investing in our schools," he said. "Everyone that's run a campaign and run for office as far as I've known, education's been at the top of the list. I know that times are tough as we fight through the Great Recession … there's not a lot of money sitting around

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