New Cree UR Series LED Upgrade Kit breaks payback barrier to obsolete linear fluorescent lighting

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Linear fluorescent lighting may have seen its last days thanks to the inventive, new Cree® UR Series LED Upgrade Kit that can deliver payback in less than two years and makes upgrading to LED lighting simple and easy.* Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) introduces a 102 lumen-per-watt linear LED upgrade kit to replace fluorescent lamps. The new UR Series is easy to install, saves over 50 percent in energy, provides better light, and lasts up to twice as long as the standard 32W fluorescent lamps it replaces.*

The innovative upgrade kit is designed to fit into existing T8/T12 linear fluorescent fixtures – allowing end users to easily upgrade to LED. The new UR Series LED upgrade kit covers both two-feet and four-feet lengths in various lamp configurations. The UR Series installs faster than competitive retrofit LED tubes and complex LED conversion kits due to its unique magnet design, quick connect technology and form-fitted driver. Designed to be compatible with existing fluorescent fixtures, the UR Series LED lightbars and driver can fit into almost any linear fluorescent luminaire without the need to reuse existing sockets and ballasts.

“The new Cree UR Series LED Upgrade Kit is a real breakthrough,” said Bruce Curtis, president, Pearl Street LED Lighting Systems. “The use of magnetic mounting clips on the lightbars and the simple quick connects from the driver make this the fastest LED upgrade kit we’ve seen. We tested both lensed and parabolic fixtures replacing three T8 lamps with the Cree UR2™ upgrade kit and not only maintained our light levels but saved over 50 percent in energy. This is an LED retrofit kit that actually works.”

“Fluorescent technology has reached the end of its useful life,” said Greg Merritt, vice president, lighting at Cree. “The UR Series is an ideal solution for applications where building owners prefer to retain existing lighting fixtures, including hospitals where retrofit construction can negatively impact the environment. Thanks to the design of the UR Series, our customers now have an LED option that is cost-effective and easy to install and use when retrofitting their existing linear fixtures.”

The LED lightbar and driver combination makes the UR Series a versatile upgrade option for many different fluorescent lamp and length configurations. The new kits deliver 4500 lumens for a 2x4 fixture and 3600 lumens for a 2x2 fixture. Designed to last 50,000 hours and featuring a remarkable seven year warranty, the UR Series is an ideal solution for customers that want to simply and easily accommodate current energy efficiency legislation, while receiving a fast payback and compelling return on investment.

The UR Series LED Upgrade Kits are sold through Cree lighting sales channels. Please visit to learn more.