New, healthy ideas fill school lunch plates as cooks get creative

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little here, a little there. A slice of whole-wheat crust pizza, a chunk of sweet potato-breaded pollock, a dabble of low-sodium, white bean hummus.

Those are just a few of the foods that 6,500 school lunch nutritionists and cooks were sampling this week as part of a national convention held in Kansas City.

Wandering the convention floor at Bartle Hall, they put their taste buds to work on foods and dishes that might someday end up in the promised land — school cafeterias.

This is Tanya Dube’s first national School Nutrition Association convention. She’s been in the school food service business for just 15 months, and she came all the way from Bristol Bay, Alaska, to get a handle on some of the new, healthy possibilities for school lunch rooms.

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