New Ind. law gives schools more power to crack down on bullying

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Indiana schools are taking a stronger stand against bullying this year. 

Legislators passed a law that is changing the way people think about bullying and where it happens. For the first time, schools are responsible for bullying incidents on and off of school property.

That includes cyberbullying -- something 18-year-old Melissa Thomas is all too familiar with. Melissa was in middle school when she started getting anonymous hate messages from her classmates.

"'You shouldn't go to our school any more. You don't matter. Why are you in this class? You're dumb.' Just like insults that just come out of nowhere," says Melissa, describing the kinds of messages she would receive. "Not only was it hurtful, but I was shocked. How did they get my name? Who's doing this?"
Eventually the messages got to Melissa. She dropped out of school and went back to being home schooled by her mother.

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