New Michigan Student Count Formula Could Cost Schools Thousands

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The state is changing the way it counts students, a move that is expected to cost the county?s schools more than a half million dollars in state aid.

Starting this year, 90 percent of a school district?s student populations--the number that determines the district?s per-pupil state aid--will be based on the number of students in attendance on fall count day. The other 10 percent will be from the February count in the same calendar year, which is the previous school year.

The old method weighted the fall count at 75 percent and the winter count at 25 percent.

The result is that school districts with declining enrollment stand to lose even more money than they would have under the previous system.

Growing school districts, on the other hand, could see more money. Only four Genesee County school districts gained students last year, according to enrollment figures.

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