New N.J. Superintendent Enters, Exiting Supt. Reflects on his Year

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Raymond Gonzalez, the new schools superintendent, arrives next week in the midst of a period of tumult in the district.

Gonzalez, who starts Monday, taking over for interim Superintendent Michael Roth, said he doesn't want to rush in and start making changes, though he does have priorities.

"A lot of it will be a matter of listening to what the district's needs are," Gonzalez said.

But he said he takes the school board's charge of developing a unified student code of conduct very seriously. The board announced the initiative Nov. 25, in the midst of deciding whether to ban nine Wayne Hills High School football players from sports after they each were charged with aggravated assault.

"It is a very important and practical symbol," Gonzalez said about making the code of conduct uniform. "To operate efficiently, we need to have a single approach to curriculum and discipline."

Another area of immediate focus, Gonzalez said in an interview Monday, is to improve technology used by administrators to communicate with each school and residents, as well as to improve the technology in the schools themselves.

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