New N.Y. school board majority proposing a dramatic overhaul of education

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Even optimists who had hoped the new Buffalo School Board would move quickly to deal with issues that shackle the district had to have been startled at the speed with which the new majority is moving.

The board is already presenting plans for significant changes in the district’s organization, and on Monday Board President James Sampson announced that he will propose that the district hire former Erie 1 BOCES Superintendent Donald A. Ogilvie as interim superintendent. A vote is expected on Wednesday, and with the support of at least the board’s new majority, his approval seems certain.

The speed may be surprising, but it is welcome and absolutely commensurate with the problems that saddle the district. It has shown some recent improvements, but the district faces an array of challenges that begin with a 2013 graduation rate of only 56 percent.

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