New Orleans' two systems close to agreement to transfer shared services

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Orleans Parish School Board and state Recovery School District are close to completing a cooperative agreement spelling out which of the two public systems handles various citywide education services -- and potentially shifting a number of those functions to the local board. If consummated, the deal would mark a new stage in the dynamics between the two systems, with the state agency starting to hand back the torch eight years after it took over all but about 20 of the city's 120-plus public schools.

The agreement could be just a few weeks away, interim Orleans schools Superintendent Stan Smith said Monday, though its parameters are not set. It's not clear whether the plan would cover only duties or might also encompass transferring control of some buildings.

"This will bring resolution ... from the standpoint of how we identify and deal with some issues, and bring consistency to all the schools," Smith said.

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