New Propane-Fueled School Buses Motor into Poudre School District

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, November 8, 2012

As part of its 20-year bus replacement plan, Poudre School District has rolled two new propane-powered buses into its fleet of approximately 150.

The two 77-passenger alternative-fuel vehicles from Bluebird Bus Corporation hit the roads a month ago and put out lower emission levels, will likely need fewer oil changes and offer reduced fuel costs, those in the district’s Transportation Services department said.


Powered by a 6.8-liter Ford engine that incorporates a ROUSCH fuel system — anyone who knows racing knows this brand — these yellow behemoths don’t roar to life in the same fashion as their traditional diesel-fueled counterparts. Start-up sounds are quiet; in fact, some passengers who took a quick spin on bus No. 032 Wednesday afternoon had a hard time believing the bus was running.

“The kids on the bus, they think the bus is awesome,” said Del Bueno, who’s driven buses — some “pretty old” — for Poudre School District for 15 years.

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