A new resource version launched by Learning Bird

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Learning Bird announced today it has released a new 3.0 version designed to improve user experience for teachers, students and parents. The new version features enhanced homepages, including the debut of a “Popular Lessons” section that showcases lessons users have rated positively.

The new version will allow teachers to upload lessons and view their stats directly from their personal Learning Bird homepage. This view also shows a teacher’s most recently uploaded lessons along with statistics for views/likes for all lessons. The new teacher homepage also includes a list of popular lessons they may like.

A redesigned homepage will give students the ability to work on a wider variety of screen sizes, and allow them to view a list of all lessons they have watched and found helpful. In addition, the widgets on the homepage are now collapsible so students can personalize their experience to view only what they want to see.

Parents are now able to add their children directly from their homepage. In addition, they can view their children’s most recent activity, along with a summary of their lesson views and likes to date. Lists of popular lessons for each child's grade and lessons each child has recently watched are also newly available to parents.

“The new release emphasizes the importance of educational exploration and the learning community,” said Roxanne Desforges, Head of Academic Relations at Learning Bird. “With the addition of the ‘Popular Lessons’ section on the student and teacher homepages, when a lesson is rated positively the whole community benefits. With ‘Popular Lessons’ easily accessible on the homepages, we hope to foster a sense of curiosity in students and teachers and offer them a practical sense of the lessons that are helping.”

According to Henry Ryan, CEO of Learning Bird, “These important upgrades are the result of the feedback and recommendations we receive from our users on an ongoing basis.”

Ryan said the 3.0 release also marks the introduction of the company’s new media center page, “In The News,” which features press releases, media coverage and awards received, all in one easy-to-find location.

Learning Bird is a web-based resource that crowd-sources digital lessons made by real teachers and aligns them to their local curriculum, grade level and textbooks in order to match them to students based on their needs. This makes it easier for students to access a personalized range of perspectives that meet their local curriculum standards. The innovative e-learning application is dedicated to helping students succeed by providing the best lessons matched to regional requirements and textbooks. Teachers also get rewarded with revenue for the digital lessons they share.

For more information about Learning Bird, visit www.learningbird.com.

About Learning Bird | www.learningbird.com

Learning Bird is an innovative online learning tool for K-12 student success, powered by multiple perspectives. Its proprietary learning algorithm matches digital lessons from teachers to the local curriculum, textbooks and personalized recommendations for each student. Learning Bird's new cross-curriculum alignment engine allows students grades K-12 to access a wider range of lesson perspectives in order to find that “a-ha” moment. When a lesson helps students understand, Learning Bird’s algorithm learns more about how they learn and also shares revenue directly with the teachers who added the lesson.