New School in Horry County Goes Green

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, August 16, 2012

River Oaks Elementary is a learning building in every sense of the word, and green is the overall theme. It's the first of its kind in Horry County and set to open to students next week.

"When they got ready to build this school, they wanted to be very thoughtful about the kind of school they built and forward thinking," explains Principal June Morehead. "I think what I've learned the most is the importance of doing the day-to-day things that we can all do, like saving your newspapers and recycling them, recycling those water bottles."

There's a solar canopy that generates electricity at the entrance of the building, as well as a rain and compost garden. Acoustic panels in the hallway also double as bulletin boards. In the gym and cafeteria, the panels are decorative.

Outside parts of the playground are made from recycled materials, even the ground. A white roof reflects the sun and will help lower energy costs.

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