New School Meal Guidelines Can be Complicated, Yet Beneficial

Lauren Williams's picture
Monday, April 8, 2013

Terance Johnson walks through the lunch line at Trojan Academy, scooping fruits and piling his plate with vegetables. It’s a shift from the way lunch used to be, when students were handed fried and canned foods.

“My family has been telling me I’m losing weight,” Terance, 14, a freshman, said as he sprinkled bits of ham on his salad.

It’s one benefit, officials say, of new U.S. Department of Agriculture school meal guidelines, which have forced students to change the way they eat and cafeteria workers to change the way they cook and serve food. Over the past few months, school officials have been adopting and implementing the new rules, which can be complicated and costly.

Now schools are preparing for the new breakfast guidelines, which will go into effect next school year, and some are applying for grants to help implement and educate students about the new rules. 

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