New Schools, Please: Mercer Island Citizens Speak in Support of Rebuilding Campaign

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mercer Island needs new schools, say a group of community members, and the time to build them is now.

At a Sept. 29 Mercer Island School Board meeting, the 21st Century Facilities Planning Committee (21CFPC) issued their recommendations for a phased "3-1-1" appoach: building three new two-story elementary schools and one middle school on their current properties to address school overcrowding and outdated buildings that don't support the district's vision. Mercer Island High School could then be rebuilt in a later phase.

"Our teachers are doing an incredible job … despite the facilities they are in," said 21CFPC facilitator Kris Kelsay, who led the 21CFPC process.

Thanking the panel for their work, Mercer Island School District Superintendent Dr. Gary Plano and school board members offered a standing ovation and formal certificates of gratitude for their work.

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