New St. Louis schools collaboration offers hope for transfer discussion

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The most hopeful development in the St. Louis school transfer saga isn’t happening in any of the school districts involved. Not Normandy or Francis Howell. Not Riverview Gardens or Mehlville. It’s not about black or white, rich or poor. State lawmakers don’t need to do a thing.

Just sit back and watch as the St. Louis Public Schools and KIPP charter schools combine forces to show the St. Louis region the educational wave of the future.

On Thursday, the Special Administrative Board that runs the provisionally accredited St. Louis Public Schools approved a plan to let the nonprofit KIPP open a new charter school in the vacant Mitchell School in north St. Louis.

The public schools won’t charge KIPP, which already manages one successful charter school in the city, the KIPP Inspire Middle School, for use of the building.

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