New state school Superintendent Carey Wright backs Common Core, pre-K in Missisisppi

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wright, a former District of Columbia and Maryland school administrator, was named last month as Mississippi's next state schools chief. She's scheduled to start work Nov. 11, but met with reporters at a news conference after attending the Board of Education's monthly work session.

Wright said she believes the multistate Common Core standards have been unfairly maligned and are a chance to improve learning in lagging schools.

"I honestly, in my heart of hearts, believe that Common Core has the chance to be a game-changer for children across this nation," she said.

Though there was little controversy over Mississippi's initial adoption of Common Core, the standards have been under increasing attack by a group of Republican state senators. Those senators have held meetings across the state to rally opposition and have led supporters to local school board meetings to pressure those boards.

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