New Tablet for Education Ready to Compete Against Apple and Samsung

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MonkeyTab announced the release of their new tablet MonkeyTab 7, designed specifically for teachers and students. MonkeyTab 7 boasts powerful dual-core 1.6 ghz performance, stunning high resolution video, two cameras, 802.11 b/g/n wifi for fast web performance, and access to Google Play. This dynamic package provides teachers and students access to the largest collection of eBooks and thousands of apps, with the power to create multi-media content.

Many schools and districts have mistakenly invested resources in consumer tablets only to discover the nightmare of large scale implementation due to the limitations of consumer tablets in the education setting. Sadly, in most cases these implementations fail and the devices end up in a closet, or it requires further investment and new policies.

MonkeyTab combined with TabPilot allows proper implementation. A cloud-based management system places teachers and administrators in control of student access of apps, documents and ebooks. This web based control is accessed by teachers and administrators through any computer allowing planning and maintenance at any time.

“Schools and districts come to MonkeyTab because we are an education solution. Big box consumer electronic stores offer tablets for the masses; MonkeyTab 7 is designed for education. If you are looking for a tablet initiative that is truly designed to impact instruction without the logistics nightmare, you need more than a tablet taken from store shelves, you need MonkeyTab 7.” Jaime Arizaleta, CEO of MonkeyTab.

MonkeyTab 7 is more than just a tablet. It is an educational tool that will help your district transform the classroom, expand learning beyond the walls of the school building, engage your students in a powerful way, and provide unlimited learning resources for your teachers. Making sure you have the software to manage your devices on a large scale in a school setting, we believe tablet technology should make your job easier and more efficient, not more complicated.

We at MonkeyTab are serious about customer service and support. We are not a mega consumer corporation trying to service millions of customers with overseas call centers and inefficient processes. We are real people with a passion for education. We are here to help you succeed and lay our reputation on your success.

About MonkeyTab:

MonkeyTab is a Dallas-based company that provides exceptional technology for education at an affordable price. Their passion derives from years of experience serving the education market. Setting out to create a great tablet that schools can afford was their goal, helping students succeed is their mission. For more information: visit