New Teacher Evaluation System Coming to Ohio Schools by 2014

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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Ohio Board of Education has taken the first step toward creating a statewide teacher evaluation model that would account for student growth.

Board members voted Tuesday to approve the framework for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, which would evaluate teachers in four areas: goal-setting, teacher performance and communication and professionalism accounting for half; and student growth measures for the other half.

"It's all supposed to be a uniform system for all of the districts in the state," said Patrick Gallaway, Ohio Department of Education spokesman. "I think, ultimately, it's accountability. We want to be providing the best opportunity for students for their education."

The framework for the plan had to be approved by the end of the year. It includes broad guidelines for identifying teachers as effective or ineffective, with the possibility of affecting employment.

"We need to make sure (students are) college- and career-ready for after high school," Gallaway said. "A lot of students who get to college from Ohio high schools need remedial coursework."

Gallaway said the system doesn't include a specific merit pay requirement, but some districts could elect to include it themselves.

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