New York City chancellor meets with charter school leaders

Monday, February 24, 2014

The meeting was something like an early gathering of merging families. Both sides already knew each other, but no one was ready to broach potential conflict, lingering instead in the space of common interest: the well-being of the children.

New York City’s schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña, met with more than 100 representatives from the city’s charter schools on Saturday morning, the first meeting between the group and the de Blasio administration since the mayor took office in January.

The relationship was expected to be tense.

During his mayoral campaign, Bill de Blasio criticized charter schools, which are privately run and publicly funded, citing their “destructive impact” on traditional schools. He proposed charging rent to many of them, and spoke of stopping pre-existing plans to expand or open 28 charter schools in the coming school year.

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