New York City vows to expand tech programs hatched by Bloomberg

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mayor Bill de Blasio visited a Bronx high school Wednesday where students learn to code and build robots to make the case that he cares about digital learning, even if he is not as tech-obsessed as his predecessor, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

After months of press briefings centered on his pre-kindergarten and after-school expansions, Wednesday’s event was de Blasio’s first to focus solely on the importance of technology in schools. He pointed to $20 million in his budget proposal to purchase new laptops and other classroom devices next year, and another $150 million to upgrade schools’ broadband Internet and other technology.

Other initiatives he highlighted—from coding classes for teachers to software engineering-themed schools, like the one he visited—originated under Bloomberg, who viewed tech-infused learning as a way to improve instruction and to prepare students for the modern workplace. De Blasio signaled Wednesday that he would continue those initiatives.

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