New York City's Digital Ready initiative spurs schools to experiment

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

With one tap to a laptop, a homemade beat began to rattle around a classroom Wednesday at Brooklyn International High School. Then Hussam Jumah, a sophomore whose family immigrated to the United States from Iraq by way of Egypt, started to rap.

“Migrating was not my choice,” he began. “But I was young and had no voice.” Beside him, Ayad Kaid, a freshman from Yemen, summoned robotic chimes from a clock that he had helped convert into an electronic instrument.

The four-student band, which called itself “Scholar Power,” had studied the math behind musical notation, the science of sound waves, and the social histories of songs. Along the way, the students taped video journals, produced a podcast, designed a band poster, and recorded their song, “Migrating.”

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