New York district's schools going "9-5" with state grant

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Utica City School District is scheduled to receive a $4,104,000 Extended Learning Time grant, along with a $10,000 planning grant, that will greatly extend the school day for five area schools.

Nine school districts in the state have received eligibility for the grant. Utica is receiving the second largest allotment, with New York City Schools receiving $7,601,326 in funding.

Superintendent Bruce Karam says it is a two-year grant. All thirteen schools will not be affected right now. Two middle schools โ€“ John F. Kennedy Middle School and James H. Donovan Middle School โ€“ along with three elementary schools โ€“ Hughes Elementary, Kernan Elementary, and Roscoe Conkling Elementary, will be in session from 9:05am to 5:05pm on weekdays beginning with the school calendar beginning September 2014.

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