New York: Erin Brockovich Reps Ordered Off Le Roy School Grounds

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Representatives of environmental crusader Erin Brockovich and an accompanying group of reporters were ordered off the grounds of LeRoy Junior-Senior High School on Saturday in an episode connected to a cluster of students there with unusual neurological symptoms.

While school officials didn't identify who was escorted off school grounds, Democrat and Chronicle news partner WHAM (Channel 13) confirmed that the Brockovich representatives had been ordered off the property.

Brockovich earlier had said she would have a representative in the Genesee County town Saturday to collect soil samples.

No one was arrested, a spokesman for the LeRoy Central School District said Saturday afternoon.

But a statement released by the district denounced the sample collection as "grandstanding" and said any samples gathered would have "no scientific value."

In its statement, the district said it summoned police Saturday because the unauthorized presence of the sample collector and TV crews was disrupting a planned musical event involving students from 22 schools.

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