Newark Schools ‘Children First’ Ticket Leading Results

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, April 18, 2013

A slate of school advisory board candidates once known for opposition to charter schools leads in the election tallies, with most voting districts reporting early Wednesday morning.

The “Children First” ticket is ahead in the counts so far, with candidates Khalil Rashidi, Ariagna Perello and Rashon Hasan ahead with 96 percent of the vote counted, according tothe latest tally provided by the Essex County Clerk’s Office.

Rashidi, Perello and Hasan are leading the field with 3,145, 2,931 and 2,251 votes, respectively.

Philip Seelinger Jr., Sheila Montague and Gerrell Elliot are trailing, with four districts left to be counted. Seelinger has 1,834 votes, Montague has 1,155 votes, and Elliot with 555, the clerk’s office is reporting.

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