Newtown massacre prompts more vigilance in schools and elsewhere

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Every morning Sgt. Edward Weihe walks into his office here and sifts through the police blotter to see what calls came in overnight. An interesting shift for a town’s police department can look blasé when reduced to paper forms: suspicious people outside buildings, vandalism, juvenile arrests.

But one recent morning, Sergeant Weihe noticed a report that, a year ago, might not have been worth a second glance. A man was arrested in a domestic incident, and the couple had a child who was a student at one of the town’s elementary schools. So he called the school to make them aware that they could get drawn into a potentially violent family dispute.

Sergeant Weihe, the supervisor of the Fairfield police school safety unit, said that without his call to the school, “most likely, they would not have had the information.” He added, “This unit is a new evolutionary process at work.”

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