N.H. Law to Promote Concussion Safety in Schools

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A new law aimed at protecting student-athletes from concussions and other head injuries is taking effect in New Hampshire just as players begin gearing up for the fall season.

Driving from Haverhill to Concord for Monday's bill signing ceremony, Republican Rep. Rick Ladd said he passed young soccer players in front yards, and knows football practice also is under way.

"I feel very thankful that my grandchildren, who are involved (in sports) will be playing with this statute in place," he said.

Under the new law, coaches and other athletic officials who suspect that an athlete has sustained a concussion will be required to remove him or her from play immediately, and the athlete will have to get written authorization from a health care provider and a parent before returning. Information about such injuries also will be distributed to all youth athletes each year, and parents will have to sign forms indicating they had read the information before the start of practice or competition.

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