N.J. District Hires Substitutes to Address High School Smoking Problem

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To deter students from smoking in the bathrooms, the Lacey (N.J.) Township School District has been hiring substitutes to monitor the hallways at the high school.

“There are two parts to this,” Board of Education President Jack Martenak said. “The smoking problem is something we’re looking to address. Putting people in place shows students we’re taking it seriously, and it will make an impact.”

There has been a reported smoking problem within the high school that the district is attempting to crack down on, Martenak said. Prior to hiring substitutes as hall monitors, school staff was available for duty periods.

Each teacher is assigned to a duty period to monitor the halls, lunchroom or busses, he said. But now, teachers are teaching additional classes during their duty periods.

Those teachers that take on an additional class load assignment, which comes with more preparation and grading, are provided a stipend, he said. This is an “economical alternative” to hiring fulltime staff.

“As a side effect of being in a classroom teaching that period those staff members are not available to perform duties such as hall monitoring,” Martenak said. “Even if you factor in the cost of some additional substitute teachers at times it is still a money-saving approach for the district.”

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