N.M. District’s Spanish Spelling Bee Promotes Language Skills

Lauren Williams's picture
Thursday, February 28, 2013

A César Chávez Elementary School fifth-grader took first place in the Santa Fe school district’s annual Spanish Spelling Bee, correctly spelling alegoría (allegory) in the eighth round of the Wednesday morning event in the district’s B.F. Young administrative building.

Winner Valeria Cera — who also took first place in the bee (deletreo) last year, said it’s important for her to master two languages because, “When I grow up I want to be a doctor and help people.”

Daniela Salas, an eighth-grader at Ortiz Middle School, took second place after correctly spelling clavícula (collarbone). She missed her shot at first place by misspelling zanahoria (carrot) as zanaoria. “There was supposed to be a silent ‘h’ in it,” she said later, still managing a smile as she cradled her trophy.

As with Cera, Salas said a solid knowledge of both English and Spanish will help her land a better job and earn a higher salary as she pursues a career as an architect.

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