NMC Releases the Horizon EdTech Weekly App for Android Devices

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Friday, February 22, 2013

the New Media Consortium (NMC) launched the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App for Android devices. Since February 2012 this app has been available for iOS devices and, by popular demand, is now available for 99¢ download in the Google Marketplace

The NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App helps inform the daily decisions of educators by providing them with instant edtech news and field examples of emerging technology effectively integrated into teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. The app allows the ongoing research of the NMC Horizon Project and its NMC Horizon Report series to be readily accessed from your mobile device. Purchase of the app directly funds the critical work of the NMC Horizon Project to collect and disseminate education technology research. 

“Millions of people have downloaded our research publications,” said Larry Johnson, CEO of the New Media Consortium. “The app makes this research even more timely. People don’t have to wait for the Horizon Reports to be released — they can instantly learn about the relevant news and projects we identify on a daily basis, right on their favorite mobile devices. “

Get to know the NMC Horizon EdTech Weekly App features:

HZ News

Every day the NMC research engages in an environmental scanning, pinpointing news articles, research, and reports that are relevant to the education technology sector. The HZ News section of the app identifies the top ten edtech stories each week and provides users with a summary of the resource, categorized by higher education, K-12, museum, and more. The app delivers a brand new edition of HZ News to users each Friday so educators can stay up to date on relevant trends and issues.


For the past 11 years, the NMC has produced several formal research reports every year that analyze the landscape of emerging technologies, trends, and challenges across various education sectors. The NMC Horizon Report series reflects the body of our research and insight into timelines and patterns of technology adoption in education. This entire catalog of publications is available in the Library section of the app, and new reports are added regularly.


In 2010, the NMC debuted the NMC Horizon Project Navigator, the biggest known online database of global education technology research and projects. The Explore section of the app puts these resources at your fingertips. All of the research and projects are easily searchable.

Project Map

The scope of the NMC’s research is global, and we have identified many high caliber edtech projects all over the world. The Project Map section of the app visually represents where the innovation is occurring. Map enthusiasts can drill down by continent, country, city, and more to find edtech projects in specific areas.

> Download the Android App at go.nmc.org/android

> Download the iOS App at go.nmc.org/ios