North Carolina Schools Prepare for Curriculum Overhaul

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

What one school official calls an “ambitious alignment” will soon affect the county and state’s educational standards, assessments and accountability methods in an effort to meet the future expectations of student achievement.

Kathy Kennedy, the Moore County associate superintendent of instructional design and innovation, presented the basics of the new statewide initiative to the county Board of Education at its monthly meeting Monday.

Called NC Ready, the program will replace the ABCs testing program that has been in place since the 1990s. For more about NC Ready, click here.

“According to the state superintendent, NC Ready is the remodeling of education in North Carolina,” Kennedy said. “The emphasis will be on complexity, not difficulty, and will encourage the students’ capacity for complex thought. We want them to be thinkers, which will help ensure that the students are college and career ready.”

Kennedy said all teachers, administrators and parents “owe every child an education that properly prepares him or her for their next big steps after graduation (to) college, career and adulthood. Beginning in July with our year-round schools, we will see many changes in the content we teach, the expectations we hold for students and the way we measure success.”

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