North Carolina voucher bill provides public money for private schools

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cynthia Perry knows her 7-year-old, Amiyah, is good at math and would like to be better at reading.

"She loves reading, even though she struggles with it," the single mom from Wake Forest said Monday. Amiyah was in summer school last summer for help with reading, and she'll take extra classes again this summer.

"She still hasn't caught up yet," said Perry, who herself is a preschool teacher.

Although she thinks a private school, with smaller class sizes, might help her child, Perry can't even think about incurring that expense.

And that makes her a good example of why lawmakers are pushing what they call the Opportunity Scholarship Act, a bill that would give parents up to $4,200 in vouchers to send their children to private schools.

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