Number of Cyber Charter Schools to Expand to 15 Statewide in Mich.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Oakland County students who are already enrolled in Michigan’s only two cyber charter schools will have more options now that Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law legislation that allows the number of schools offering all classes on computers to increase to 15 by 2015.

Many Oakland County superintendents and other educators are opposed to the move to allow more cyber schools before there is more evaluation on the two existing schools that can enroll students anywhere in the state.

They also objected because the schools will take dollars from their home school district because when students attend the free charter schools the state funnels money that would have gone to the child’s home district to the charter school.

The two public online charter academies in operation now are Michigan Student Connection, based in Okemos, which is authorized by Ferris State University and its charter office; and Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, based in Grand Rapids and authorized by Grand Valley State University.

Forty-two Oakland County public school students are enrolled at Michigan Virtual and 47 at Michigan Student Connection. Geographical location doesn’t matter with schools that don’t require students to go to a building to meet with teachers.

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