N.Y. Charter Schools Face Opposition to Plan for Special Needs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Charter schools are under increasing pressure to admit and provide more services for children with special needs.

This spring, they have been asking the Legislature for the authority to form coalitions, so they can pool resources that will help them fulfill their mandate.

The bill seemed to be cruising along, but Gotham Schools reports that the state teachers’ union has thrown up a roadblock.

As Geoff Decker reports, New York State United Teachers, known as NYSUT, “circulated a memo urging lawmakers to reject the bill. The memo lauded the bill’s sponsors and acknowledged charter schools’ challenges in serving special needs student populations. But it also warned that the bill could result in ‘a huge expansion of charter schools’ and create an arrangement in which charter schools ‘segregate all of their students with disabilities to one site.’”

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