N.Y. Education Commissioner Restores SIG Funding for Poughkeepsie

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

State Education Commissioner John King announced Wednesday that funding has been restored to five school districts, including Poughkeepsie.

School Improvement Grant funding was suspended in January for 10 districts across the state due to their failure to reach evaluation and support agreements that complied with the state and federal SIG requirements. The grant funding had been awarded to the schools who were not meeting student achievement requirements.

Aside from Poughkeepsie, funding was also restored for the Albany, Schenectady, Syracuse, and Rochester districts.

King said the districts went back to the drawing board and worked out agreements that meet the state and federal requirements.

The Poughkeepsie schools superintendent said he is pleased the evaluation plan was accepted and the grant money is now available because it helps kids get the education they deserve.

Superintendent Laval Wilson said, "The Board of Education, members of my senior staff and I, as well as members of the teachers' union, have been assisting and putting this whole evaluation process together, all believe we all want the same thing. That is good, quality teachers in Poughkeepsie. Our kids deserve that, our community deserves that, and that's what everybody wants. They want good, quality teachers."

Funding is still suspended for districts in New York City, Roosevelt, Buffalo, Yonkers and Greenburgh Eleven.

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